Having the opportunity to purchase a home is often the dream for many. However, this eagerness to get into the home often clouds a buyer’s judgment and thus red flags aren’t seen as clearly as one wishes they would. Getting into the right home under the wrong circumstances can quickly turn your dream home into a nightmare. Therefore, the following list includes a few red flags to beware of while looking for a home.

Inadequate Ventilation System

Perhaps the most common issue that buyers tend to look for is signs of mold. If they find none at a glance, they will usually believe that the home is ready to be moved into and all is right. Although a home may not have mold present at the time of your tour it can hold the dormant spores for it. Therefore, if you notice or are told that there is inadequate ventilation within the home, you should understand that means that you have a high risk of seeing mold in the future. Proper ventilation not only keeps your AC system working but it also provides a way for hot air to escape your home.

Amateur Electrical Repairs

Most of us know how a standard light switch or wall-power unit should look and feel. Therefore, it is incredibly important to touch and test out as many electrical outlets and switches as you can. This is especially important if you’re moving into an older home where previous owners may have done repairs on their own. Slow-responding switches and loose outlets should be major red flags that you’re dealing with amateur electrical repairs.

Poor Drainage System

If you’re walking up the pathway and notice puddles of water next to the home and on the driveway, this could be an indication of a poor drainage system. Not only could this cause flooding during strong rainstorms, but it could also possibly lead to future mold growth in crawlspaces and the basement from even the smallest of showers.

Damaged Roof

A damaged roof isn’t just an eyesore but it’s also a potential safety hazard as well. If you’re walking up to a home for the first time and you notice any shingles missing, or you observe discoloration or deformation of the roof in general, then you should take this as a red flag. Bring it up with your real estate agent and see if the issue can be repaired without you having to provide additional funds.