There are some real estate agents that just get by, and then there are others that stand out from the rest. Those agents that excel at what they do have certain qualities and personality traits in common with the top performers. They have what it takes to become a superb agent in the eyes of their clients and the community at large.

Client Communication

A superb agent should be responsive to their clients. The ability to put people at ease while taking the time to hear them and read them will set the tone throughout the entire transaction. Having a friendly and engaging personality is important as you will be spending weeks and perhaps months working with the client. The agent needs to build a relationship based on honesty and trust.

Knowing the Trends

Keep abreast of the local market and the trends of the market both locally and nationally. A quality of a superb real estate agent is to have an in-depth amount of knowledge about the industry. The client will be seeking your advice, and they will appreciate the insight and candor.

Work Ethic

The desire to work hard and tirelessly is another quality that all great agents have. It is not an easy job to be an agent, Exuding a high level of enthusiasm and a strong work ethic also helps make an agent superb. Additionally, it takes a great deal of dedication and flexibility because an agent must adapt to other people’s schedules. It frequently is a matter of prioritizing business over personal life.


Good negotiating skills are another important quality to possess. The fine art of negotiating can be learned, and an exceptional real estate agent should be a good negotiator. Negotiating price, or a needed property repair, or even a closing date can save a deal from falling apart.

Tech Knowledge

A real estate agent today has to be knowledgeable about technology. A new listing will primarily be advertised on the online real estate sites. Photos of the property have to be taken and then uploaded. An agent is also responsible for changes, and must be proactive. The quality of the ads will be a factor in how quickly it sells. An agent who excels also makes use of social media. Being a tech savvy agent is another quality of a superb agent.