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Benefits and Drawbacks of Co-Living

Jason Cohen Pittsburgh is a cross-field real estate advising group with a niche focus on multi-family housing. As a forum, JCP has considerable collective knowledge on a variety of commercial, residential, and corporate real estate arrangements. Here, founder Jason...

Tips For Handling Difficult Tenants

Jason Cohen is the founding member of Jason Cohen Pittsburgh, a real estate advising group that specializes in the niche of multi-family housing. Jason Cohen himself has spent over a decade revitalizing and operating multi-family properties, and is thus more than...

How to Find a Great Real Estate Agent

Jason Cohen is the founder and president of Jason Cohen Pittsburgh, an informal real estate group which provides constructive advice to professionals considering property investments. Given his near-constant interpersonal work with other professionals in the field,...

Affordable Renovations for the Savvy Investor

House flipping requires strategy. Savvy investors know that slapping on a fresh coat of paint and changing a few doorknobs won’t bring about a significant return on their investment. Jason Cohen, founder of the real estate advising group Jason Cohen Pittsburgh, realized this need for investment strategy when he bought his very first property. With the limited funds available to him at the time, Jason couldn’t afford to sink money into unneeded updates; he needed to plan out his renovations and open the property to tenants without going over a set budget. Working on that initial project, Jason Cohen learned that a few carefully chosen renovations could net him a larger return than a few haphazard repairs ever could. Aspiring house-flippers should consider undertaking these worthwhile and inexpensive updates when they purchase a property!

Do Your Clients Believe These Real Estate Myths?

Selling a house isn’t like hawking lemonade on the neighborhood corner. The process isn’t a simple offer and exchange; it’s a drawn-out process that requires careful handling and weeks – if not months – of considered negotiations. Unfortunately, not all buyers and sellers realize what they sign up for when they enter the housing market, or that the endeavor will take more than a chipper listing on Zillow and a friendly conversation at an open house.

The Value of Research: A Pittsburgh Case Study

Jason Cohen was only two years out of college when he bought his first property in Pittsburgh. It wasn’t a luxurious place by any means, but it was what he could afford with the means left to him after student loans. He sunk what resources he had into performing...


This is the first blog post on Jason Cohen’s blog dedicated to the Pittsburgh real estate industry. Stay tuned for his insights on the process of real estate investing.