Finding the perfect home can be a tall order. The right real estate app, however, can make the home search as easy and stress-free as possible. The following are the best home shopping apps that help buyers find the right house, get information about neighborhoods and school districts, and learn about the home buying process itself.

#1. Zillow

Zillow is one of the most popular real estate apps thanks to its comprehensive features. Zillow makes it easy to narrow down home listings based on school district, neighborhood, price, size, and other features. It also sends alerts for price drops on saved listings, new listings in a chosen area, and when saved homes are sold.

#2. Dwellr

Dwellr is an often overlooked but helpful homebuying app that helps buyers explore neighborhood and city statistics to find the right place to buy. Dwellr uses Census data to provide a list of potential towns that fit the user’s lifestyle guidelines by considering school districts, commute times, home values, and more.

#3. Trulia

Trulia, now owned by Zillow, offers a helpful resource during the homebuying process. In addition to its huge database home listings, Trulia makes it easy to find a dream home by filtering searches based on home features like hardwood flooring, neighborhood, lot type, view, and more. It also features helpful financial tools like an affordability cost breakdown and mortgage calculator.

#4. Bigger Pockets

Bigger Pockets is a comprehensive and free resource to help prospective buyers learn about real estate, mortgages, and investment. The Bigger Pockets app includes guides, ebooks, blog posts, and a forum to learn how to choose a home that will increase in value and how to improve a property for the best return on investment.

#5. PictNote

Houses tend to blend together when you view dozens each week in the search for the perfect home. PictNote is a helpful tool for potential buyers to make note of the features they love and want to change about each home they view. The app combines notes with pictures and each picture is automatically geocoded with the location to make it easy to remember the corresponding home.

#6. CalcsFree

For first-time home buyers, it can be difficult to gauge the true cost of a home. After all, owning a home means paying for more than just the principal and interest on the mortgage. CalcsFree simplifies the process by using the offer amount, taxes, and insurance payments, plus other costs like HOA fees and mortgage insurance, to effectively compare the true monthly, annual, and lifetime cost of each home.

Happy hunting!