Even the best neighborhoods have properties that have fallen into disrepair. While some view this as blight, the Jason Cohen Pittsburgh team sees potential, and their primary investments are those distressed properties in otherwise viable areas.


Jason Cohen Pittsburgh’s proven investment strategy allows the team to identify properties that can be profitable with some work, which yields both high profit potential and low acquisition costs.


The team at Jason Cohen Pittsburgh looks for several qualities in an investment property:



Is the surrounding area desirable? A willingness of potential tenants to live in the neighborhood is the single most important factor when purchasing a rental property. Is the neighborhood appropriate for rental property? We examine every data point that determines the viability of an area.



Will the potential profits outweigh the improvement and acquisition costs? At Jason Cohen Pittsburgh, we perform extensive analysis of all the costs and the projected profitability of the property. We leave padding in our estimations because no amount of due diligence can anticipate the unexpected.


Income Potential

How much can we earn from the property? Can we divide the residence into several rental units or will it be a single-family dwelling? What are the rental rates of comparable homes in the vicinity? We analyze the income against the aforementioned expenses so we can make the most educated investment.

Some call them eyesores. We call them opportunities.

Jason Cohen Pittsburgh, 2015