For agents, a good impression at an open house is a jump start toward a successful sale. A bad impression can hurt future opportunities by leading to negative reviews and word of mouth.

Obtain a good impression by steering clear of these mistakes during your next open house.

No Marketing

Today’s buyers don’t read a front lawn sign or read a newspaper. Agents must take the announcement to them. Tell people on popular real estate websites and company websites. Go to social media, talk about properties on a blog, and post it on bulletin boards. If able, it might even be worth running a paid promotion on social media. Leave nothing to chance.

No Parking

It’s problematic to accommodate every buyer with a great parking space, but it’s mandatory. No buyer wants to attend an open house without ensuring his or her vehicles are safe. Use the garage, carport, street space, and/or valet parking as parking options.

Both Unpleasant and Pleasant Smells

Agents know to remove unpleasant smells. However, good smells like candles or air fresheners can irritate buyers too, triggering allergies and sensitivity. An unscented home means buyers will focus on the home instead of the smell.

Unwanted Guests

Buyers are at ease talking to an agent rather than speaking to the seller. Although not intentional, sellers and his/her family annoy buyers with their bias viewpoint of the home. In response, buyers may leave and never return. Inform the seller, their family, and the pets to stay away. Pets bring issues like allergies, paranoia, discomfort, and a potential of traumatic experiences to the open house.

Background Noise

Like smells, music playing in the background is a distraction. Buyers have so many tastes in music, and it’s impossible to please everyone. Conversely, music conceals traffic noise, neighborhood noise, airplane noise, or construction sounds outside. Keep it silent so the focus can be on the property.

Blocking Rooms

What are sellers hiding? The question is the first reaction jumping out at buyers when denied full access to the home. There is no adequate reason to block rooms. Buyers must search every inch of the home without limits.

Pitch Black

Similar to music and blocked rooms, a dark house is a signal for hiding something. Buyers can’t see in the dark. Turn on the home lights and open windows so buyers can examine the home better.

There are several more mishaps contributing to a badly done open house not mentioned here, so to avoid more drama, learn from successful open houses and create a similar strategy. Agents must nail the open house method to attract potential buyers and successfully close the sale.