There are numerous things to consider in determining the worth of a house. For example, a home’s quality can be determined by the area where it is located. The number of bathrooms, bedrooms and the state of the home’s kitchen also affect its worth. At the same time, some factors are entirely beyond or within the owner’s control.

When a homeowner intends to sell out his or her home, there are plenty of things that they choose to do with the intentions of increasing the value of the property. Unfortunately, some of the homeowners end up devaluing their property’s worth in the event of trying to cash in more money. Some home improvement can depreciate a home’s value when one decides to sell. The following are some of the things that homeowners can unknowingly devalue their house worth.

  1. Bathrooms and kitchen renovations

The majority of potential home buyers pay great attention to the state of the home’s bathroom and Kitchen. It is therefore essential for a seller to ensure that the two components are in their best state. However, some renovations can bring down the home’s value instead of increasing it.

Homeowners need to be very careful when renovating their home’s kitchen and bathrooms. It could be a waste of time and money to spend too much on the two rooms, only to end up dropping the worth of the property. Home sellers should cease from using overstated or excessive designs when renovating kitchens and bathrooms. Stick to timeless, classic decor that won’t be outdated in the near future.

  1. Swimming Pool/Hot Tub

Having a luxurious swimming pool in your backyard is convenient, especially in the summertime. Your children could be spending most of their time splashing in the swimming pool with their buddies and probably have the best of their memories there.

The bitter truth is that that shimmering pool or hot tub could cost you when it comes to selling out your house. Some home buyers consider water elements such as a bathtub, swimming pool, and hot tub as added expenses and not any luxury. The maintenance and additional cost make them more of a burden than a valuable asset

  1. Landscaping

Your outdoor landscaping attracts a lot of appeal to your property. Ensure that you have a properly maintained landscape to score on drawing your client’s appeal. However, cease from over decorating your landscaping design. Curb appeal is important, but you might end up spending more money than you’ll get in return. This is especially true if the plants, shrubbery, mulch, etc. would be too much for a potential buyer to upkeep

Bonus!: Avoid New Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

For most homeowners, even new carpeting makes them think, “Oh, that’s something we’ll want to get rid of eventually.” Hard floors are in because of the cleaning convenience and overall design. Carpet is cheaper and could be beneficial in a pinch if the old carpet is severely lacking, but splurging for new, high-quality flooring would be a greater selling point in the long run.

What are the worst “new renovations” you’ve ever seen in a property?