Working in real estate comes with a lot of perks. You can set your own schedule, tour countless beautiful homes, and connect grateful clients with the property of their dreams. Real estate is as fulfilling and rewarding a career as you could hope – if you play your cards right. Having a successful career in the field hinges on your ability to communicate effectively with prospective buyers, sellers, and even other real estate agents. Up-and-coming agents need to know how to read situations, calm nerves, and work well with others; otherwise, they might just see their careers tank. Here, Jason Cohen Pittsburgh outlines a few mistakes that real estate agents should never, ever make.


Saying Yes Too Much

One mistake that many realtors will end up making is that they will say ‘yes’ to their customers too frequently. While all realtors need to provide as good of service as possible to their customers, there does come a time when they should be willing to say no. This can include saying ‘no’ to new business if they are already too busy, or saying ‘no’ to a client if they have an idea or suggestion that is not advantageous. Ultimately, being able to say ‘no’ to an eager or angry client will be one of the most important tasks you take on as their representative, as your beliefs about what will help them reach their goals will sometimes differ from theirs.



A real estate agent can also make the mistake of over-promising to their customers too frequently. While a realtor should make a customer feel excited about their purchase or sale, they also need to keep them grounded in reality based on the situation at hand. Overall, a realtor should take all steps possible to make sure that they are being honest and forthright with their clients without promising too much in terms of timing, service expectations, and sale price. This will help to keep all people on the same page and happy.


Not Communicating

One of the most frustrating things that a real estate client can experience is if their real estate agent is not communicating enough. While all real estate customers need to realize that their agent does a lot of work behind the scenes, they also need to be given regular updates to ensure they know what is going on with their purchase or sale. A real estate agent that is looking to build a good reputation with their customers will need to make sure that they are communicating on a regular basis. This will help keep a customer feel engaged in the process and more satisfied with the overall service.